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"Before Heaven" in Gandhara
The short animation "Before Heaven" will participate in the Gandhara IFF.
Fun Farm won the Best 3D Animation
At the Ghadeer international Film Festival, “We Are Standing” and “Fun Farm" won 2 awards.
week of Iranian films in Iraq
week of Iranian films started with "Henas"
3 Short films in Flatness
“Mother”, “A Place in the Clouds” and “For Amir” are screening at “Flatness Film Awards”
Iran and China cooperation
Iran and China cooperating more in the cinema field
"Before Heaven" in Italy
“Before Heaven” is attending in Ischia Film Festival 2022
STAGING in Monaco
"STAGING" is participating in Monaco Streaming Film Festival
“Watching This Movie Is A Crime” very well viewed even by non-Persian language audiences in Youtube
Expediency in Myrtle
The feature film “Expediency” is screening in Myrtle Beach International Film Festival
"Here Is Kan. Here Is Not Cannes!" will be screened at the Sofia Menar
The documentary "Here Is Kan. Here Is Not Cannes!" directed by Alireza Ghaffari, will be screened at the Sofia Menar International Film Festival in Bulgaria.
Shirazi Girl in Canada!
“Goodbye Shirazi Girl” is screening in the British Columbia Environmental Film Festival
Staging in Chennai!
“Staging” is screening in the Chennai International Film Festival 2021
Staging in Salerno
”STAGING” is participating in the competition section of the SALERNO International Film Festival.
Masetermind in Chennai
“Mastermind” a feature film by “Azita Mougouei” participated in Chennai International Film Festival.
Once A Woman in Florida
“Once A Woman”, attended in LDUB Film Festival in USA
“Once A Woman” in the Netherlands.
“Once A Woman”, a feature by “Jalil Akbari Sehat” attended in Mena Film Festival in the Netherlands.
Soureh Cinema in “Marche du Film” online
Soureh Cinema Org. is attending in the Cannes online Market
Captain 22 in Ireland!
Captain 22 win the Best Short Documentary award in Silk Road
A House for you in Torun
"A House for you" is attending in the 27th edition of Energa Camerimage IFF
2 More International Awards for “Mr. Deer”
“Mr. Deer” won 2 new Awards
“Once A Woman” in Carthage
“Once A Woman” is screening in Carthage Film festival.
Skier in Sharjah
“THE SKIER” is attending the competition section of the SIFF
"Dayan" in Kurdistan of Iraq.
"Dayan" is attending in DUHOK Film Festival
Cypress & Dayan in Varna
“Cypress Under Water”&"Dayan" are attending in 27th Love is Folly 2019.
Mr.Deer goes to Spain
Skier in Zanzibar
“The Skier” won the Silver Dhow at ZIFF 2019
Cypress in Durban
“Cypress Under Water”is attending in 40th DIFF 2019.
Soureh cinema in Cannes 2019
Soureh Cinema Org in “Marche du Film” 14th to 25th May 2019
A House for You in Poland
“A House for You” is attending the competitive section of Krakow Film Festival
"The Last Fish", in ECOZINE.
Short animation "The Last Fish" directed by Mahmoud Sa’emin and from the production of Hamedan Hozeh Honari, is screening in International environmental Film Festival: ECOZINE
"Mr Deer" won the Special Award
“Mr. Deer” won the "Skeptyricon Special Award" in the 10th edition of "Skepti International Film Festival"
DAYAN accorded Special Mention in Singapore
“Dayan” was accorded Special Mention at 29th edition of Singapore Film Festival
Skier in Greece
“The Skier” was selected as the best film in “OLYMPIA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL”.
Dayan will screen in 16th Chennai Film Festival
“Dayan” will screen in “Chennai International Film Festival”
Dayan is screening in Italy
“Dayan” is screening in competition part of “The XXII Tertio Millennio Film Fest” in Italy
Dayan in Singaore
“Dayan”” participated in Singapore International Film Festival
Official Schedule of Autumn Leaves & The Pomegranate's Smile
Official Selections & Screening Schedule - Saturday, December 8, 2018 for Autumn Leaves & The Time of Pomegranate's Smile
“Mr. Deer” in the competition section of the "exground" film fest
Short animation “Mr. Deer” by “Mojtaba Mousavi” after the presence in many international festivals, this time in the competition section of the thirty-first international film festival "exground", for the 2000 Euro Prize with other works, will compete. This festival is from November 16th to 25th in the Wiesbaden, Germany.
“The Skier” participated in Cambridge Film Festival and UK Iranian Film Festival
“The Skier” and “Mr. Deer” participated in Cambridge Film Festival and UK Iranian Film Festival.
21 Days Later in Sharjah
“21 Days Later” is screening of  Sharjah International Children Film Festival.
Mr. Deer around the world
Mr.Deer participates in 4 Festivals.
"21 Days Later” ,“The Human Comedy”, ”The Reporter” & “Mother” are in Regina
“21 Days Later” and “The Human Comedy”, short film”The Reporter” and Short animation “Mother” are screening in Regina International film festival in Canada. 
“Mr. Deer” is screening MIFF 2018
“Mr. Deer” is screening MIFF 2018: Melbourne International Film Festival
“Mr. Deer” is participating in Giffoni Film Festival
The short animation “Mr. Deer” is participating in +18 competitive section of Giffoni Film Festival
"Mr. Deer" in Rio
“Mr. Deer” is participating in Anima Mundi
"Mr. Deer” catches Jury's eyes
Short animation “Mr. Deer” won the Jury Award from Animafest
Sisters in Action
“Sisters in the Ring” in “Artemis Women In Action Film Festival”
"Mr. Deer” in Finland
Short animation “Mr. Deer” is participating in Animatricks Animation Festival
“Duel” in SKEPTO
"Dive" at Cluj
"Dive" is to be screened at the Romanian Cluj festival.
“Italia Italia” screened in Chennai
“Italia Italia” screened in the 15th edition of Chennai International Film Festival
“Under the Smoky Roof” and “Duel” won the prizes
“Under the Smoky Roof” and “Duel” won the best prizes from the “London Iranian Film Festival"
A157 won again
A157 in Religion Today Film Festival
4 Feature Films in London
Soureh Cinema Org. participated in UK IRANIAN FILM FESTIVAL with 4 feature films
Entr'acte in Sharjah
The short animation "Entr'acte" screened in the 5th edition of Sharjah International Children's Film Festival
“Under the Smoky Roof” screened in Germany
“Under the Smoky Roof” screened in European Tour
“Under the Smoky Roof” screened in Montreal - Canada
“Under the Smoky Roof” screened in Montreal World Film Festival 2017
“Gas Pipe” will screen in Cagliari - Italy
“Gas Pipe” will screen in  SKEPTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2017
“A157” is all That Matter!
“A157” documentary film by “Behrouz Noorani Pour” will be screen in "Movie That Matter Film Festival"
Phoenix in Mazar
"Mazar-e Sharif"  the production of Soureh Cinema Organization won the best film awards in Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne in Australia.
"A 157", round Europe
The documentary “A 157” screens in BUFF Film Festival in Malmo, Sweden. 
CHARMing Dhaka!!
Jalal Dehghani's Feature Film in Spiritual section
2 feature films and 7 short films in Kalkata
Parole and Mobarak and 7 Short films will be in Kalkata International Children's Film Festival
A157 win Best feature-length documentary Film Award
A157 win the Best feature-length documentary Film Award in 16th International Festival WATCH DOCS. Human Rights in Film
Parole in India
“Parole” feature film by “Hossein Mahkam” will be screen in Chennai international Film Festival.
"A157" won Special award in Signes de Nuit 2016
Documentary film of Soureh Cinema won the Special award from FISDN
A157 in Signes de Nuit 2016
A157 will participate in competition category of 14th International Festival Signes de Nuit from 24th Nov to 4th Dec 2016 in Paris- France.
Gas Pipe & Entr'acte Won two Awards
Two Short films of Soureh Cinema won the BEST Film Awards in UKIFF
Ranna goes to Rolan!
Winner of Silk Road still in it's way!
A-157 in LEIPZIG
Winner of Best Documentary from Fajr Film Festival in LEIPZIG
Soureh Film Club movies in UKIFF 2016
5 Short films of Soureh Film Club will be attendance in UKIFF 2016
“GAS PIPE” won Jury award Religion Today Film Festival
The “GAS PIPE” by Hossein Darabi won Trentino cinema coordination CinemAMoRe Jury award in religions & society category in 19th Religion Today Film Festival (7-17 Oct 2016)
“Parole” will be screen in CAMBRIDGE FILM FESTIVAL
“Parole” feature film by “Hossein Mahkam” will be screen in opening day of 36th CAMBRIDGE FILM FESTIVAL at main category.
“Painting Pool” and “Angels Descend Together” are participate in IIFF
Two feature films of Soureh Cinema Org. Products, will be screen at IIFF