"Dayan" in Kurdistan of Iraq.
"Dayan" is attending in DUHOK Film Festival
2019-04-01 07:00 - Page View: 1091

DAYAN” a feature film by Behrouz Nouranipoor about ISIS terroristic activities in Kurdistan, is screening in DEHUK Film Festival, September 9th to 16th in Dehuk in Kurdistan of Iraq. This film was screened in “Love Is Folly” in Varna, Bulgaria, Tertio Millennium Film Festival in Italy, 16th edition of Chennai International Film Festival, 29th edition of Singapore International Film Festival and 11th edition of Moqavemat Film Festival in Iran. The synopsis of the film says: 
“Dayan is the story of near 4000 female refugees who never could join their family on the other side of the borders and a lot of them had to make a decision and choose in this situation…”