“The Skier” participated in Cambridge Film Festival and UK Iranian Film Festival
“The Skier” and “Mr. Deer” participated in Cambridge Film Festival and UK Iranian Film Festival.
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Cambridge Film Festival is from October 25th to November 1st in Cambridge, and what makes Cambridge different from other Festivals is that it attracts big names but is nonetheless intimate and approachable. There are no red carpets, no banks of flashbulbs going off, and the chances are the acclaimed director of the much anticipated new film you’re about to see is happily hanging out in the bar, just like you! Our audiences like that – the filmmakers actually love it, too. This year it was the 38th edition of this festival. 

The 9th edition of UK Iranian Film Festival from October 26th to November 3rd held in London. The aim of this festival is introducing Iranian Cinema to the cinematic society in London. It has three sections: features, shorts, and documentaries. The opening was with “The Pig” by “Mani Haghighi” and the music band: Fuzz Skyler. The Iranian films list that screened in 5 theater in this city is: The Earth Mother by Mahnaz Afzali- The Lost Strait (Tangeye Abu Gharib) by Bahram Tavakoli- The Hot Perfume by Ali Ebrahimi- No Date, No signature by Vahid Jalilvand- Blockage by Mohsen Gharayi- The Skier by Fereydoun Najafi- Bearer by Bahman Kamyar- Woodpecker by Behrouz Shoaybi and a selection of short films. 
The UK Iranian Film Festival that holds every year in London, is the only competitive festival in the UK that is concentrated on Iran cinema to introduce the Iranian culture and identity through cinema.