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86 min
Ranna Silence (Sokoot-e Ranna)
Category: Feature Film

Ranna is a seven-year-old girl who lives in a village located in the north of Iran; she owns a special hen, Kakoli, which is the remembrance of his grandmother. She affectionately loves it. Meanwhile, Kakoli is hunted by a jackal. She gets too depressed and becomes dumb. Rahman, her brother, decides to put the eggs under the other hens but he doesn't know that his mother has sold the eggs to a peddler. He tends to find the painted eggs and ...


  • Language: Persian
  • Color
  • Subtitle: English
  • Best Film from 23rd Int'l Children Film Festival KiKiFe (2015)
  • Best Children’s Film from 4th Silk Road International Film Festival (2016)
  • 23rd Int'l Children Film Festival KiKiFe (2015)
  • 29th Cinekid International Film Festival (2015)
  • 9th Int'l Children’s Film festival Brussels (2015)
  • 19th Int'l Children film festival India (ICFFI) (2015)
  • 13th Chennai International Film Festival (CIFF) (2016)
  • 4th Silk Road International Film Festival (2016)
  • 56th Zlin Film Festival (2016)
  • 10th Asia Pacific Screen Award (2016)
  • 12th International Film Festival For Children and Youth (2016)
  • 34th Carrousel International du film de Rimouski (2016)
  • 14th Tamilnadu International Film festival (2016)
  • Rolan International Film Festival for Children and Young People (Armenia- 2016)
  • Norway Film Festival- Norway(2017)